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Eruv Map and Information

Jacksons Point Shul

The Eruv was initially constructed in 2001 as per the design of Rabbi Akiva Steinmetz under the auspices of HaRav Shlomo Miller shlita Rosh Kollel, Kollel Avreichim, Toronto

It has been maintained with a complete third party audit with repairs in the spring of each year as well as a weekly full inspection with repairs as needed every Eruv Shabbos.

The beautifully renovated Ramada Georgina Inn is within the boundaries of the Eruv while the former Bonnie Boats and the Municipal Marina are not.  Travel along Lake Drive East of Lorne Street should be restricted to the north side sidewalk only as the wires on the utility poles just to the south are utilized.  Also consider Pinery Lane north of the Davis cottage to be outside of the Eruv.

The status of the Eruv each Shabbos is posted in the Shul, however, for further information, or to ask if you are located within the boundaries, please email by clicking the link below;